Summer 2019 Greetings from your Sandstone Villas Board

We hope the summer is going well for you. Life at Sandstone has been fairly quiet and benign the last few months except for a couple earthquakes northeast of us that caused some scary shaking and waves in our pools.

A few Important reminders:
This seems like a good time to remind our residents to always have at least 7 days bottled water on hand as well as canned food that includes protein (think peanut butter, tuna fish, beans) that can be consumed without heat. Other must-haves are a manual can opener, a first aid kit, and a flash light and batteries. The real list is much longer, but these are absolute essentials.

With our intense summer heat bearing down upon us and ACís whirring fairly constantly, please assure that you have had your annual Spring service call by technicians and your condensation line declared clear. We hope to make it through another season without overflows and floods resulting in grief and floods to your downstairs neighbors.

When you go the pool, please lock your doors and also keep them locked at all times when you are inside. While we have had no problems at Sandstone, there have been some very bold robberies in our area where perpetrators come right in while you are in another room and grab wallets and purses.

Recent Projects
We have completed (or are now in process) of several more drainage projects in the hopes of being better prepared for our next epic rain. With our engineerís direction, four new gutters have been installed to direct rain off roofs away from yards. We are adding trenches, new drain pipes and catch basins in one area, some regrading, rota-tilling, and addition of rock in another area, depending on needs evidenced from our last February storm. We have increased our stock of sandbags and purchased two pumps so we donít have to deal with finding someone to come out in time of crisis. We will be ďfirst callĒ for our association plumbers to operate our pumps. We are in process of snaking and cleaning out all drains and have also repaired two upstairs balconies where stucco pulled away from sliders causing water to run down between into inside walls of downstairs neighbors.

Back flow Prevention
You probably observed the mess and disruption of this lengthy project going on in front of our complex in May and early June and then the finished result sitting in our landscape area in front of our 1900 sign. This was an extremely expensive project about which we had absolutely no choice as it was required by the city and Desert Water Agency. This back flow prevention device was added to our water lines coming in from the city and assures regulation of pressure to maintain a steady stream of water; this results in no possibility of contamination from sewerage from water pressure dropping suddenly. The loss of pressure can happen for various reasons, but an example is the use of hydrants for a nearby fire. If our water pressure becomes suddenly lower than the water systemís pressure, this could allow the influx or pulling in of contaminated water. A back flow device protects our drinking water system is a simple way of saying all this. These devices are required on all new construction.

All these projects are mostly very expensive in addition to the sewer line repair for building 11. Your Board is just so very grateful for our healthy reserves and operating budget to complete this necessary work without need for special assessments. OVER

Going Forward
We will be receiving bids for a new cement retaining block wall in front of units 13 and 14 where the railroad ties have definitely seen their better days and sludge (dirt and water) are falling down onto the sidewalk below nearly daily from the irrigation system.

At our September meeting on the 30th we will be voting on a short term rental fine revision that will apply only to owners who rent their units for less than 7 days, strictly forbidden by our CC and Rís. These fines will be increased to $1000 for first offense, $1500 for second, and $2000 for all subsequent fines. These apply only to short term rentals and not to other violations. You received a letter and opportunity to comment on this in late May. We received no comments.

We are pleased to announce that very recently four more owners have upgraded their windows to the white framed double pane windows. We are now close to 80% completion and hoping for 100% by the time we paint in a couple years. Please consider working this into your personal budget. Besides making our community more attractive, these energy efficient windows are beneficial for YOU for savings on electricity and reduced noise and dust.

Lastly, if you are one of the few owners on site during the summer, when you see any problems needing attention, please call Jen or Jenni at 760 325 4257 or email ps@desertmanagement.com We appreciate additional sets of eyes all year around, but especially during summer when owners as well as Board members are scattered.

Enjoy the remainder of your summer and be safe.

From your Board,
Kay, Steve, Jim, Jeff, and Sallyanne
(our email addresses are listed on our website)

To all owners at Sandstone Villas - IMPORTANT INFORMATION We are limiting ths page to just three items in the hopes that it will bew read carefully. 1.AC Condensation Lines We cannot begin to emphasise enough that all owners simply MUST have their condensation lines cleared. We have repeatedly stated this for years in newsletters, especially in the Spring just before usage reaches its peak during triple digits during the summer. However, each year we have several occasions (4 this year) of residents who have failed to do this. Owners, especially upstairs are inviting disaster for your downstairs neighbor as well aa great expense by not caring for your condensation line. We cannot help or change the fact that upstairs and downstairs AC lines are connected in the walls in these 1974 apartment style condos. These are notcommon pipes at all, as they service two AC'S, up and down, neighbor to neighbor, which are solely the responsibility of individual owners according to our CC and R's matrix.We have never heard of a problem when AC's have been serviced. Ask your technician specifically to clear your condensation line. Downstairs owners are going to flood their own Unit suffering their own consequences, but by not servicing their line, upstairs owners are liable for the damage caused in their downstairs neighbor Unit which unfortunately is usually the case. 2. Earthquake insurance This is GOOD news. Your HOA has just signed a 5 million dollar loss limit earthquake (10% decduction) policy for dameg that could occur to our buildings if a major earthquake occurs. You still need "loss assessment" insurance of your own to help pay your share of the decuctible and anything over the limit which would be divided 148 ways. Also, please talk to your insurance agent regarding "loss of use" and coverage for the inside of your Unit. We must be ready and hope this never happens! 3.Vendor Parking If residents are having service of any kind inside your unit, please instruct contractors and vendors about where to park such as visitors parking or any uncovered spot not marked with a PS, or your own deeded spot.Owners and renters must inform your workers where they may legally park and be told to not pull into (or worse back into) other owners deeded spots. Thank you for using common courtesy so we may all live compatibly. From your Sandstone Villas HOA Board of Directors Kay, Steve, Jim, Reanold and Jeff