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Invitation to our 2021 Sandstone Villas Annual Meeting

Dear Owners,

We hope you are planning to join us at our Annual Meeting at 9:30 am on Saturday, January 30. Frankly, it is hard for us to even imagine a virtual/teleconference annual meeting minus the pre-meeting time of doughnuts, coffee, welcoming, and camaraderie, as well as our usual potluck lunch following the meeting. However, in these Covid times, it is not like we have a choice, and of course we will make the best of it! Information will be provided in your election packet on Zoom and call in process.

The purpose of the Annual meeting (unlike all of our monthly Business meetings) is to elect directors for the next two years on a rotating schedule. We will be electing two directors this year. There will also be an appointment of a third director by the Board at the February meeting to fill out the one year remaining in a term from a resignation. (See By Laws, 5.1,5.3, 5.5). This Annual meeting is also to inform you of the state of the Association so to speak. There will be a representative of Desert Management present to go over our financials and reserves. In addition, one of our attorneys, Susan McClintik, Esq. of Epsten Law will be with us to answer any questions you might have on the Parking Amendment mailed to you in November. At this point we plan to mail this Amendment out for your consideration following the Annual Meeting.

It is very important that you return your ballots to NLB Consulting who is handling our election as we must receive quorum (75 ballots) to even hold our Annual meeting. Please follow the directions provided regarding the voting procedure with double envelopes, cumulative voting allowed etc. Your name and unit number should be printed legibly on the mailing envelope, and we think probably your signature, too. There are new State voting laws in effect this year with just a few changes.

Lastly, we wish you a peaceful, healthy, and pleasant Holiday season and a Happy New Year. We realize that some of you are struggling with decisions regarding travel and family plans just as some of us are. The answer seems to be to stay positive, to know we are in this together, and to look forward to a more normal 2021 at some point.

Please be safe and well!

From your Board,
Kay, Steve, Jeff, and Stephen