April 19, 2021

In accordance with Civil Code section 4920, notice of the meeting and agenda items were posted at the Community directories and sent via e-mail for the General Session Board of Directors meeting of the Sandstone Villas Homeowners Association held via Zoom Video conference due to COVID-19 restrictions.

MEETING: The regular session of the Board of Directors of Sandstone Villas Homeowners Association was held on Monday April 19, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. via zoom.

PRESENT: Kay Chabot, President
Steve Costlow, Vice President
Jeff Grabb, Secretary
Stephen Rand, Treasure

ABSENT: Dex Ostling, Director

ALSO PRESENT: Jennie Tidwell of Desert Management and several homeowners

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President Kay Chabot at 3:00 p.m.

EXECUTIVE REPORT: Kay stated that the Board met in Executive Session to approve minutes, discuss personnel, owner issues, and legal matters. Kay stated in regards to legal the Board approved to hiring an Engineer for a feasibility study regarding upstairs laundry equipment. The hiring of an Engineer was recommended by the Attorney. Kay is hoping by September we will all be able to meet in person.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Jeff Grabb made motion to accept the March 15, 2021 minutes, seconded by Steve Costlow motion passed unanimously.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Stephen Rand reported on the March 2021financials and read the balance sheet and income and expense statement. Steve Costlow made the motion to approve the March 2021 financials as presented, seconded by Jeff Grabb, motion passed unanimously.
March 2021
Operating Account $504,740.31 Current Liabilities $34,483.6
Reserves Account $719,363.64 Reserves Liability $719,363.64
Receivables $6,523.90 Equity $498,066.47
Prepaid Assets $21,286.12
Total Assets Amount $1,251,913.97 Total $1,251,913.97

April 19, 2021

DELINQUENCIES: no action needed at this meeting.

ARCHITECTURAL: Kay Chabot stated Dan Webb resigned and Lera Radd has stepped in. Kay did the Architectural report in Lera’s absence as she is traveling for business. Kay stated nine homeowners have reached out to CPM for new windows and sliders. The Architectural committee approved a “blanket” application to cover all units. Stephen Rand made a motion to accept and ratify the application for the windows and sliders for unit 10,24,59,62,73,102,104,110, and 124. Also approved and ratified were Unit 168 with a variety of remodel items, unit 10 flooring, unit 53, and 57 A/C installations, seconded by Steve Costlow, motion passed unanimously.

BIKE ROOM: Stephen Rand said all bikes are registered, everyone is keeping room neat and tidy. Bike room has space for a few more. Good job everyone.

COMMUNICATION: Kay Chabot stated she just got a newsletter out and will do another one at the end of May if needed. Kay said earth tone/muted umbrella colors are still in the Rules and Regulations and the Board has discussed and agreed that for now all owners need to comply with muted earth tone colors for consistency. Possibly when the paint project is completed in 2022 the Board can look at changing the color restrictions then. The Board will just keep doing the best they can during this transition time.

LANDSCAPE: Jeff Grabb reported committee met today and Alan and Sandy attended. Sandy had two concerns 1) Conserve LandCare needs to generate a report to management on projects, they are behind schedule 2) Sandy would like to request that LandCare adds an extra landscaper at no cost. Sandy also stated to Jeff she knows other Landscape companies if needed for the future. The committee met with an Arborist and the Palo Verde should get trimmed 2x a year instead of 1, the Palo Verde in visitors parking lot will get trimmed in about 3 weeks along with the Bottle Brush by building 11. All projects already approved will be completed next week. Jeff Grabb made a motion to accept the spraying of the Olive trees at no more than $800, seconded by Steve Costlow, motion passed unanimously.

PRESERVATION: Stephen Rand reported that maintenance continues around the property. Six grills have been painted, pool decks scrubbed, two landscape drains modified, replacement umbrellas, community map signs in progress, six grills will be cleaned/serviced soon, electrician gave estimate on several electrical issues and that is a big thank you to Dan Laughlin for pointing out those items. We will be ordering new building # signs, flood light on east side of building 11 is flashing and will be replaced, lighting in the dog walk area is a discussion.

SOCIAL: Karen Mahoney talked about a pool side social event before so many people head back. After discussion and input an event is scheduled for Saturday, April 24th @ 4:30 p.m. at pool 3. This is a BYOB social event. Management will create flyers for Kay to post and Management will also do an email blast of the event.

OPEN FORUM: Several owners participated in open forum and topics mentions were: Pool umbrellas, big thank you to Corey & the Board. A homeowner mentioned the new surfacing on the courts is nice but maybe too many different sports have lines, makes it confusing. A Board member stated it is already there no reason to cost more to remove, maybe that can be discussion when it is time to re-surface court again. Same homeowner mentioned if HOA could have south side fence on multi-sport court raised as it is only

April 19, 2021

4 feet and balls go over easily. Management will reach out for estimate. A homeowner had questions regarding doing his flooring in his lower unit, what requirements are needed? Kay said nothing for
downstairs units but a moisture barrier is needed. It’s always a great idea to let management and Board know when doing something so they are aware of work being done.

1.Trash Receptacle Pool 3 – Stephen Rand went over 2 estimates provided and also gave another option to “re-build” sides of the trash cans. The original company has sides that can slide in and out of original trash can frames. Cost for rebuild is $58 per panel. Jeff Grabb made potion to re-build the panels, seconded by Steve Costlow, motion passed unanimously.
2.Annual Insurance Renewal- Kay Chabot stated it is an increase of $1,200 from last year. Total cost is $25,496 with all same coverage. Stephen Rand made motion to accept annual insurance, seconded by Steve Costlow, motion passed unanimously.
3.Electrical Repairs- Jeff Grabb made motion to ratify the electrical estimate for several electrical repairs needed for $1,083, seconded by Steve Costlow, motion passed unanimously.
4.BBQ Cleaning: Stephen Rand made motion to accept the $1,200 estimate to clean all 6 BBQs, seconded by Steve Costlow, motion passed unanimously.
5.EconoCrete Repair 1900 side – Kay Chabot stated many homeowners have made comment about the fake flagstone cracking and chunks breaking off. Kay stated EconoCrete can acid wash, power wash, coating, and stain for $2,900. Kay stated the stain would all be one color. After discussion it was decided by the Board to table this until at least the Fall when there is hopefully direction in the color the HOA might go with for the property paint project.
6.Spa 3 heater-Stephen Rand made motion to ratify the estimate for the spa 3 heater $4,596 seconded by Jeff Grabb, motion passed unanimously.
7.NLB-Stephen Rand made motion to accept the estimate of $409 plus postage and copying to have NLB handle the ballots for the Amended CC&Rs vote, seconded by Jeff Grabb, motion passed unanimously.
8.Desert Fire- Kay Chabot stated the Desert Fire came out and said there needs to be 4 fire extinguishers since the ones already there are too far apart. Jeff Grabb made motion to accept the estimate for 4 more fire extinguishers, mounting cabinets and installation for $656.74, seconded by Steve Costlow, motion passed unanimously.
9.Best Price Plumbers valve flap- Jeff Grabb explained the ongoing rodent issue in his building and stated the estimate for Best Price Plumbers is to install a valve flap in main line to help keep rodents out. The cost of estimate is $3,200. Jeff Grabb will meet with Greg to get more information. Stephen Rand made motion to accept estimate conditionally on receiving more information, seconded by Steve Costlow, motion passed unanimously.
10.Engineer for upstairs laundry feasibility study- Kay discussed that it was recommended by attorney to have an engineer come out for a feasibility study. Kay stated engineer can come out for an introductory meeting @ $190 an hour. Stephen Rand made motion to accept hourly charge for engineer, seconded by Jeff Grabb, motion passed unanimously.
11.Charging Station- Jeff Grabb reported it is looking good to get stations installed. It costs about $12,000 per charging station and SCE is giving a rebate for $10,000. All wiring will still be a lot of money. Jeff met with electrician and it would be $6,000- $10,000 for wiring. There is also an option to lease units for $200 a month from Charge Point. All options and discussions will continue.

April 19, 2021

CORRESPONDENCE: Jennie Tidwell from management stated several violation letters have been sent. Jennie also went over the new program management is currently in training for. Jennie stated it will be much more informative for Board members and homeowners.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business before the Board of Directors, adjournment was at 4:14 p.m.

NEXT MEETING: May 17, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. via zoom.

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