Sandstone Villas Update, December 2021
Summer 2022 News from your Sandstone Villas Community

Hello Owners,

I hope you are staying safe and cool this time of year here are some important updates!

Plumbing and Water Quality
We have an owner who has surfaced concerns over the quality of our plumbing and the water. Within 48 hours of the complaint we had a professional company, recommended by Desert Water Association, test the water. It passed all tests and is safe. As a reminder if you are out of town for an extended period of time, please flush out the water in the pipes so it can clear. It is normal to have sediment in our pipes when they are kept stagnant. We have also obtained a quote to re-plumb the buildings and will be discussing at a special open Board meeting scheduled for October 10th a timeline and financial plan. We encourage owners to attend this special Board meeting as we may be discussing a potential assessment.

Painting & Re-imagination
The contract has been signed with H3K, a local reputable design firm, to create a on overall look for SSV. We will be presenting two color schemes to owners to give their feedback on over email.

It has been noted that people are propping open the laundry rooms or putting tape over the lock. Please visit Desert Managementís office if you need a replacement laundry key for $25. Please also clean up after yourself, put trash in receptacles, empty lint trap and use the paper towels in the dispenser to mop up any spilled detergent.

Pool umbrellas
Please be sure to put them down and secure the fastener once done using. We have had several umbrellas break due to being left in the open position and then wind getting ahold of them.

Meeting Room
A huge thanks to one of our owners, Brad Prescott, for donating furniture to our meeting room. Between that and our newly installed Wi-Fi in the room, we can now host Board meetings in person on site!

Architectural Applications
Please remember architectural applications are required for most interior and exterior improvements. Please contact Desert Management for the most recent digital version which you may complete on your

computer or print.

Please remember to always email or call Desert Management with any questions or concerns instead of Board members directly.

Our next meeting is Thursday, September 22nd. Please join us in person or virtually!

Happy Almost Fall!


Your Board of Directors: Lera, Steve, Jef, and Christine Desert Management Direct Number: Tel. (760) 325-4257